Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan (Emperor's Tea Pill) (9g*10 Honey Pills) 天王补心丸 TongRenTang

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Brand:Tong Ren Tang

Functions and Indications: 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the heart controls the blood and stores the spirit, the kidney provides the source of Yin and Yang energy for the whole body, including heart. When the heart function is weak with respect to Yin and blood, the spirit does not rest well and causes restlessness, palpitation, and amnesia. One may also have difficulty staying asleep, make a lot of dreams, and have seminal emission in the dream in man. Additionally, one may have warm and moist palms/sole, dry mouth or even mouth and tongue ulcers, and dry stool.

Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan is composed of multiple herbs that either nourish Yin, or blood, or calm the mind. The herbs are combined according to the TCM principles so that they can act optimally to strengthen the heart. It  has been indicated in China Pharmacopoeia for nourishing Yin and blood, and tonify the heart to tranquilize mind. The herbal formula is used for insomnia, palpitation, mental lassitude, amnesia, dry throat and mouth, dreaminess, nocturnal seminal emission, constipation, and oral ulceration.

To replenish Yin and nourish blood; to tonify the heart and soothe the mind

deficiency of yin and blood, fidgeting due to deficiency, insomnia, palpitation, mental weariness, nocturnal emission, amnesia, dry stools, orolingual boil, reddened tongue with little fur, and thready and rapid pulse.

Don't eat white outer casing ,the honey pill is in it, the colour is black.Don't swallow the whole pill.


 Fresh rehmannia (Shengdihuang), Ginseng (Renshen), Scrophularia (Xuanshen), Schisandra fruit (Wuweizi), Platycodon (Jiegeng), Asparagus root (Tianmendong), Wild jujube seed (Suanzaoren), Ophiopogon root (Maimendong), Red sage root (Danshen), Poria (Fuling), Polygala root (Yuanzhi), Chinese Angelica (Danggui; Dongkuai), Biota seed (Baiziren).

Dosage and Administration: To take orally, 1 pillsper time; 2 times daily. (Better to use after meal)


1. Not suitable for use if you have a fever.There is Cinnabar in it , Don't use it for long term.

2.Use it under the direction of a herbalist if you have diabetes.

3, Pregnant woman don't use it.

4, Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are taking other medicines.

5, If any adverse symptom occurs, discontinue use.

6, It should be kept out of reach of children.

Storage : Store (keep) in a cool and dry place,protect from light (heat).

Product Name :TianWang BuXin Wan (Emperor's Tea Pill) 天王补心丸

Packing: 9g*10 bags/one box 

Manufacturer : Bei Jing TongRenTang Pharmaceutical  Co. Ltd 


【主要成份】 丹参、当归、石菖蒲、党参、茯苓、五味子、麦冬、天冬、地黄、玄参、远志(制)、酸枣仁(炒)、柏子仁、桔梗、甘草、朱砂。

【性 状】 本品为褐黑色的大蜜丸;气微香,味甜、微苦。

【适应症/功能主治】 滋阴养血,补心安神。用于心阴不足,心悸健忘,失眠多梦,大便干燥。




【禁 忌】尚不明确。

【注意事项】 1.本品处方中含朱砂,不宜过量久服,肝肾功能不全者慎用。 2.服用前应除去蜡皮、塑料球壳;本品可嚼服,也可分份服用。


【贮 藏】密封。

【包 装】塑料球壳装,9g*10s/盒。

【有 效 期】60 月



【生产企业】 北京同仁堂股份有限公司同仁堂制药厂