Xue Zhi Kang Jiang Nang (0.3g*120 capsules) Red Yeast Rice (Hong Qu) for Hyperlipemia problem 血脂康胶囊 WPU

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Functions and Indications: 

Adjust abnormal blood lipid levels including lowering serum total cholesterol (TC), serum triglyceride (TG), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C); inhibiting the formation of the atherosclerotic plaque and the deposition of fat in the liver and protecting the endotheliocyte in the vascular.

Strengthening spleen, promoting digestion, eliminating dampness and phlegm, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Suitable for use in improving the symptoms caused by weakness of the spleen and stasis of phlegm, such as chest distress, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, headache, abdominal indigestion, lack of appetite and etc.


Applied for auxiliary treatment of coronary heart disease caused by hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

WPU’s Xuezhikang Capsule is natural statins derived from Monascus purpureus. More than decade of clinical trials and extensive relevant studies have shown that Xuezhikang Capsule can not only regulate blood lipids safely and whole, but also significantly reduce the risks of recurrence and death of coronary events, and the risk of overall death.

Xuezhikang Capsule is made from a fermentation of specifically chosen Monascus purpureus and rice by modern technology. Non chemical constituent added during the whole producing process makes its purely natural quality.

The use of red yeast rice has a centuries-old history in China. It has been used as a drug from Tang dynasty. It also has been included in “Ben Cao Gang Mu” and commended as “Taking the ingeniousness of nature”. Famous Japanese chemist praised that “Only intelligent Chinese people have such excellent skills to make the bright red yeast rice.”

WPU’s specially made red yeast rice has more improvements by: 1. modern biotech which ensuring the effective component can be produced stably and efficiently without disturbing from other fungus; 2. the unique fungus strain of Monascus purpureus protecting by national patent for invention which making the effective component unique and excellent; 3. except for traditional red yeast rice pigment absorption peak in WPU’s specially made red yeast rice HPLC chart , using the level of lovastatin produced by fermentation, which is also the main peak among the statins peaks group in HPLC, as WPU’s quality control standard (2.5mg/300mg).

The further difference between WPU’s Xuezhikang capsule and other regular red yeast rice products and blood lipids regulating TCM is that Xuezhikang has been studied by series of large-scale clinical trials. Its effects can be proven by “evidence-based” medical studies. The result of China coronary secondary prevention study (CCSPS), leaded by FUWAI Hospital CAMS&PUMC, involved by 66 medical centers all over the country, lasting 8 years, followed up 4870 patients on average 4 years, longest 7 years, has shown that Xuezhikang with routine dosage (4 capsules per day) can decrease coronary events by 45.1%, death risk of coronary heart disease by 31%, and overall death risk by 33%. These kind of conclusive evidences are all for the first time possessed by native TCM.

Composition: 100% Red Yeast Rice (Hong Qu), obtained through fermentation of premium grains with Monascus strains.

Dosage and Administration: Take 2 capsules per time, 2 times (after breakfast and supper) per day. For patients suffering from slight or mode-rate hyperlipidemia, it is recommended to take 2 capsules after evening meal, or consult with your physician.

Side Effects:

Occasional discomfort of intestine and stomach, such as stomachburn, intestinal gas and pain in the stomach, usually temporary and reversible increase of SGPT (0.06%)and CK (0.12%) and no need to cease the administration.

Cautions: Do not use Xuezhikang if you are pregnant, can become pregnant or are breast feeding. Regular users are advised to examine regular for SGPT and CK. This product is slightly acidic in nature, and thus gastric and intestine reaction co-uld be reduced if it is taken after meals. In case of slight gastric and intestine reactions, it is unnecessary to cease the administration.

Storage : Store (keep) in a cool and dry place,protect from light (heat).

Product Name :XueZhiKang JiangNang 血脂康胶囊

Packing: 0.3g*120 capsules/one box 

Manufacturer : Beijing Peking University WBL Biotech Co.,

                 The official website: http://www.wpu.com.cn/en//

通用名称: 血脂康胶囊
成份: 红曲。
性状: 本品为硬胶囊,内容物为紫红色的颗粒和粉末;气微酸,味淡。
适应症: 化浊降脂,活血化瘀,健脾消食。用于痰阻血癖所致的高脂血症,症见气短、乏力、头晕、头痛、 胸闷、腹胀、食少纳呆;也可用于高脂血症及动脉粥样硬化所致的其他的心脑血管疾病的辅助治疗。
规格: 每粒装0.3g
用法用量: □服。一次2粒,一曰2次,早晩饭后服用;轻、中度患者一曰2粒,晩饭后服用。或遵医嘱。
不良反应: 1.一般耐受性良好,大部分副作用轻微而短暂。
禁忌: 1.对本品过敏者。
注意事项: 1.用药期间应定期检査血脂、血清氨基拷移酶和肌酸磷酸激酶;有肝病史者服用本品尤其要注 意肝功能的监测。
2.在本品治疗过程中,如发生血清氨基转移酶增高达正常高限3倍,或血清肌酸磷酸激酶显著 增高时,应停用本品。
贮藏: 密封。
包装: 铝塑包装,120粒每盒。
有效期: 24个月
批准文号: 国药准字 Z10950029
企业名称: 北京北大维信生物科技有限公司