Bai Zi Yang Xin Wan (60g) 柏子养心丸/TongRenTang

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Brand: Tong Ren Tang


Functions and Indications:

This is a patent remedy based on the recipe "Bai Zi Yang Xin Wan" (Mind Tonic Pill of Arborvitae Seed) which is primarily used to relieve anxiety and mental strain in cases of palpitation, insomnia and amnesia.

Nourishing blood and invigorating qi, nourishing the heart to calm the mind.

It is indicated for deficiency of the heart blood, trance, severe palpitation, palpitation due to fright, insomnia and amnesia. It is
applicable to insomnia, arrhythmia due to deficiency of the heart and spleen.


Boria (sclerotium)
Ligusticum wallichii (rhizome)
Dong quai (root)
Pinellia (rhizome)
Oriental arborvitae (seed)
Codonopsis (root)
Polygala (root)
Cassia (bark)
Chinese licorice(root)
Jujube (seeds)
Schisandra (fruit)

Dosage and Administration:

To take orally, 6g per time(use after dinner); 2 times daily. 


1,Don't use it if you have "fire excess from yin deficiency (阴虚火旺)”or " excessive rising of liver-YANG,hyperactivity of liver-YANG(肝阳上亢)”

2, Don't use it If you are pregnant women.

3, This product contains cinnabar, can not take for long term; don't use it  with bromide and iodide medication.

4, Keep out of reach of children

5,  Insomnia patients should not drink tea or coffee before go to bed.

Storage : Store (keep) in a cool and dry place,protect from light (heat).

Product Name : BaiZi YangXin Wan 柏子养心丸

Packing: 60g/one box 

Manufacturer : Bei Jing TongRenTang Pharmaceutical  Co. Ltd 


【主要成份】 主要成份为柏子仁、党参、炙黄芪、川芎、当归、茯苓、远志(制)、酸枣仁、肉桂、五味子(蒸)、半夏曲、炙甘草、朱砂。

【性 状】 本品为棕色的水蜜丸;味先甜而后苦、微麻。

【适应症/功能主治】 补气,养血,安神。用于心气虚寒,心悸易惊,失眠多梦,健忘。




【禁 忌】尚不明确。

【注意事项】 1.阴虚火旺或肝阳上亢者禁用。 2.保持精神舒畅,劳逸适度。忌过度思维,避免恼怒、抑郁、惊恐等不良情绪。 3.失眠患者睡前不宜饮用浓茶、咖啡等兴奋性饮品。 4.宜饭后服用。 5.本品处方中含朱砂,不可过服、久服;不可与溴化物、碘化物药物同服。 6.孕妇及哺乳期妇女、儿童、老年人使用本品应遵医嘱。 7.过敏体质者慎用。 8.儿童必须在成人的监护下使用。 9.如正在服用其他药品,使用本品前请咨询医师。


【贮 藏】密封。

【包 装】塑料瓶装,每瓶装60g,每盒装1瓶。

【有 效 期】48 月