Kanglaite soft capsules (0.45g*72capsules)Adjuvant therapy for Non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) 康莱特软胶囊 KLT

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Brand: KangLaiTe

Functions and Indications: 

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The product has actions of supplementing Qi and nourishing Yin,eliminating and resolving stagnation and masses.It is used to treat patients before surgery or inoperable patients with spleen deficiency and damp stagnation type of primary Non-small-cell lung cancer .

Q1. What is KLT?
A: With its active ingredient extracted from seed of “semen coicis”, a natural anti-tumor herbal plant, Kanglaite Injection (KLT) is a novel dual-function, broad spectrum and molecular-targeting anti-neoplastic formulation for intravenous and intra-arterial application. KLT can directly inhibit and kill cells of various tumors, control lesions, and prevent metastasis. Simultaneously it is able to protect normal cells and improve immune function. In addition KLT presents significant role in relieving cancerous pain and cachexia and improving clinical symptoms so as to upgrade patient quality of life and prolong survival. KLT can be used alone or combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy or applied peri-operationally. The combination therapy is able to remarkably enhance effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, prevent and minimize toxic side effect of these therapies and raise resection rate in operation. Therefore KLT is an ideal anticancer drug.

Q2.What are the major indications of KLT?
A: Various stages primary lung cancer including NSCLC, primary hepatic cancer, pancreatic cancer and lymphoma. KLT has satisfactory therapeutic effect on various advanced tumors in palliative treatment in addition to its unique effect on cachexia and cancerous pain.

Q3. What is the active substance in KLT?
A: It is coix triglyceride that is already patented in 11 countries and regions in the world.

Composition: Triglyceride of Coix seed oil 

Dosage and Administration: To take orally, 6 capsules per time; 4 times daily. The product is preferably used in combination with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Cautions: Not for use during pregnancy.

Storage : Store (keep) in a cool and dry place,protect from light (heat).

Product Name : Kanglaite soft capsules

Packing: 0.45g*72capsules /one box

Manufacturer : ZheJiang KangLaiTe Pharmaceutical

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