MEBO" SCAR Reducer Ointment (Skin Restore)40g 美宝疤痕膏 MEBO

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Brand: MEBO

Functions and Indications:  

Instructions In English

For adjunctive treatment of softening,anti-itching and analgesia of scar.

MEBO skin restore is 100% natural ointment, made from Botanical Extracts Scientifically Developed to Help Fade Scars and Blemishes, and Return Elasticity to Damaged Skin

Promotes the natural recovery for scarred or blemished skin

MEBO skin restore has been especially Formulated to Promote the Natural Healing of Scars, Including Scarring from Skin Trauma, Acne, Chicken Pox, and Stretch Marks

MEBO skin restore protects and nourishes newly-healed skin, and is one in a range of ointments from MEBO used world-wide. All MEBO ointments are developed to create an environment where skin can recover naturally. Research has shown the skin's natural healing process is significantly supported using MEBO ointment.

MEBO ointments are unique in that they assist in the natural regeneration of stem cells. Stem cells that create both a hair shaft and epidermal cells are housed in the hair follicles, and by stimulating these cells to regenerate, the ointment supports the growth of new skin tissue.

MEBO skin restore works by:

Promoting the natural recovery of scarred or blemished skin
Assisting in reducing skin cracking
Soothing the skin
Assisting in the natural repair and regeneration of new skin at a cellular level.
Directions: Apply 2-4 times daily to all affected areas. Continue application until the skin becomes soft and smooth and pigmentation is restored - this can take up to a year or more. Do not massage newly healed scarred skin. With older scarring, apply ointment and massage for 5 to 10 minutes.

Main Ingredients: Radix Scutellariae, Cortex phellodendri, cactus extract, sesame extract, beeswax.

If your scar is old ,the medicine effect is limited.

Be sure to keep your scar skin either well covered or well protected with sunblock

Storage : Store (keep) in a cool and dry place,protect from light (heat).

Product Name : MEBO" SCAR Reducer Ointment

Packing: 40g /one box 

Manufacturer : ShanTou MEBO Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd