Shi Liu Wei Ma Lin Zi wan (0.4g*24 pill) Testicular swelling 十六味马蔺子丸 JinZhuYaLong (Tibetan medicine)

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Brand: Jin Zhu Ya Long (Tibetan medicine)

Functions and Indications: 

The product is made from semen irisis growing on 4200 meters above sea level and 16 kinds of precious herbs, which developed the exclusive Tibetan medicine, which is apply for treatment testicle cancer and testicular diseases, nephritis caused by lower limb swelling, pain.


Semen irisis, RADIX PRZEWALSKIAE TANGUTICAE, round cardamom, crab, mango core, rose apple, bonduc, lacca and etc.

Dosage and Administration: Take orally,3-4pills, 2-3 times daily.

Product Name : ShiLiuWei MaLinZi wan

Packing: 0.4g*24 pill /one box 

Manufacturer : XIZang Jin Zhu Ya Long Tibetan medicine Pharmaceutical  Co. Ltd