(No Sugar Type )Shen Shi Tong KeLi (4g*10 bags) Herbal for Kidney stones,Bladder stones,Ureteral stone,Calculus of renal pelvis 肾石通颗粒/Jiu Lian Shan

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Brand:Jiu Lian Shan

Functions and Indications: 

Clearing away heat and promoting diuresis,promoting blood circulation to arrest pain,removing urinary calculus.For Kidney stones,Bladder stones,Ureteral stone,Calculus of renal pelvis.


Herba Lysimachia, Rhizoma Corydalis, Rhizoma Corydalis, gallic acid, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Costus root, Achyranthes bidentata

Dosage and Administration: 

Oral(warm water). 1 bag/one time, 2 times/one day


Children, old people, pregnant women should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. 

Product Name : ShenShiTong KeLi

Packing: 4g*10 bags /one box 

Manufacturer : JiangXi JiuLianShan Pharmaceutical  Co. Ltd 

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