Ban lan gen Keli (Isatis Root Granules) (10g* 20 bags) Anti-flu Relieve sore-throat 板蓝根颗粒/BaiYunShan

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Brand: Bai Yun Shan

Functions and Indications: 

to clear heat and detoxicate, cool the blood and relieve sore-throat. Indication: Swelling and pain of throat, xerostomia and pharyngoxerosis caused by extreme heat in the lung and stomach; acute tonsillitis with symptoms above.


Isatis Root(There are brown or dark brown granules; tastes sweet, slightly bitter)

Accessory :Sugar 

Dosage and Administration: Take orally. Mix it with warm water. Take 0.5 to 1 sachet each time, 3 to 4 times daily.


1, Avoid Smoke, alcohol, piquancy, fishy food.

2, Do not used the restorative patent medicine at one time when use this medicine.

3, Diabetic, high blood pressure, cardiopathy, hepatitis, nephropathy, edema and other chronic patient should use under physician’s suggestion.

4, Children, pregnant women, women in lactation, loose stool and splenic asthenia, oldness and infirmness should use under physician’s suggestion.

5,  Throat-almond fester or fever heat patient who body temperature exceeds 38.5 should go to see a doctor.

6, If the symptoms haven’t been catabatic after used this medicine for 3 days, should go to see a doctor.

7, It should not be used in a patient who has anaphylatoid reaction with this medicine, and irritability corporeity should be used with caution

8, It should not be used when the character of this medicine has changed.

9, Children should be administered under the supervision of adult.

10, It should be kept out of reach of children.

11,  If in process of using other medicine, please consult physician or chemist before using this medicine.

Storage : Store (keep) in a cool and dry place,protect from light (heat).

Product Name : Ban lan gen Keli(Isatis Root Granules) (Banlangen Granules)板蓝根颗粒

Packing: 10g* 20 bags/one pack

Manufacturer : GuangZhou BaiYunShan Co., Ltd





汉语拼音:Banlangen keli








1. 忌烟酒、辛辣、鱼腥食物。
2. 不宜在服药期间同时服用滋补性中药。
3. 糖尿病患者及有高血压、心脏病、肝病、肾病等慢性病严重者应在医师指导下服用。
4. 儿童、孕妇、哺乳期妇女、年老体弱、脾虚便溏者应在医师指导下服用。
5. 扁桃体有化脓或发热体温超过38.5℃的患者应去医院就诊。
6. 服药3天症状无缓解,应去医院就诊。
7. 对本品过敏者禁用,过敏体质者慎用。
8. 本品性状发生改变时禁止使用。
9. 儿童必须在成人监护下使用。
10. 请将本品放在儿童不能接触的地方。
11. 如正在使用其他药品,使用本品前请咨询医师或药师。