BeiJing Ginseng Royal Jelly Oral Liquid(10ml*10 bottles) /Wei Jia

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Brand: Wei Jia

Functions and Indications:

This product is made with care from Ginseng Root, Schisandra Fruit and Royal Jelly as raw materials ,Through function test. It has health protection function of immunity regulation and retard the progress of aging.

Suitable for those who have weak constitution ,poor, immunity,middle-aged and older .Don't suitable foe children.

Ingredients :

Honey,Royal Jelly ,Ginseng Root, Schisandra Fruit , Sodium Benzoate,Citric Acid,Essence and Purified Water.

Main raw materals : Gingseng Root, Schisandra Fruit,Royal Jelly

Effective compositions and content: 

Contains 10_hydroxy-q-caproleic acid>8mg and panaxoside>100mg per 100g.

Administration and Dosage: Oral.1-2 times a day,10ml each time ,shake before taking.

Precautions: pregnant woman can not use the medicine.

Storage: Keep in tightly closed containers

Term of validity: 24 months