Nan Bao Jiao Nang (0.3g*24 Capsules) Enhance Sexual Performance 男宝胶囊 Yichun

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Brand: Yi Chun

Functions and Indications:

Nan Bao is an ancient and very famous male tonic. This herbal formula strengthens and tones the kidneys, and invigorates the yang energy. It is an excellent energy tonic, bringing vigor and strength to the male yang energy. It is a very effective vitality and libido enhancer, without side effects and suitable for long time use.

Tonifying yang and strengthening kidneys. For sexual apathy, impotence caused by insufficiency of kidney yang.

Composition:  Ginseng Radix, Astragalus Root, Cynomorium, Dogwood Fruit, Milk Vetchseed, dog kidney, Donkey kidney, Golder-eye Grass, Epimedium, Morinda Root, Wolfberry Fruit, Chinese Angelica, Cordyceps, Red sage Root, Licorice Root, Saff Lower and so on...

Dosage and Administration:  Take orally with water, 2-3 capsules each time, twice daily, morning and evening.

Storage : Store (keep) in a cool and dry place,protect from light (heat).

Product Name : NanBao JiaoNang  男宝胶囊

Packing: 0.3g*24 Capsules/one box 

Manufacturer : JiLin JingXin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

通用名称: 男宝胶囊
品牌名称: 一纯
剂型: 胶囊剂
主要成份: 鹿茸 海马 阿胶牡丹皮 黄芪 驴肾狗肾 人参 当归杜仲 肉桂 枸杞子菟丝子 附子 巴戟天 肉苁蓉 熟地黄茯苓 白术 山茱萸 淫羊藿 补肾脂 覆盆子 胡芦巴 麦冬 锁阳 仙茅 川续断 牛膝 玄参 甘草
功能主治: 壮阳补肾。用于肾阳不足引起的性 欲淡漠,阳痿泄,腰腿酸痛,肾囊湿冷,精神萎靡,食欲不振等症。
用法用量: 口服,一次 2 ~ 3 粒, 一日 2 次,早晚服
禁忌: 尚不明确。
注意事项: 尚不明确。
有效期: 36
生产厂商: 吉林精鑫药业集团有限公司