A Portugal customer 's feedback about the root of red-rooted salvia (The first part)

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Hi Xue xinxin,
I give you feedback.
I gave dan shen to a friend who sometimes has angina and he syas since taking the dan shen tablets and drinking tea made from red stage dry herbs.
I have high blood pressure at times but I find the dan shen makes no difference. I drink the dry herb tea, as you suggested. I think it can be beneficial.

I first heard of dan shen last year from an acquaintance in Zambia, Africa.
Here is what he said, which may be of passing interest to you or a doctor you know:
DAN SHEN, a Chinese herbal medication to help prevent and treat heart attack and stroke.
The Chinese Doctor told me that Dan Shen was given to people over 45 years of age to help prevent heart attack and stroke. It is also given as part of the treatment for both ailments.
The action of Dan Shen is to clean out the veins and arteries of all debris. It will dissolve clots and other obstructions such as plaque.
I suffered a severe stroke at 6am on Saturday the 10th July 2004. The stroke was caused by an embolism.
The doctor contacted said they would hospitalise me for observation until Monday 12 July when the facility for a brain scan would be available, after which the correct treatment could be prescribed.
I decided not to go to hospital until Monday. (Wrong decision) I now know that I should have gone to the Doctor as soon as possible on Saturday morning and then I would have started the course of Dan Shen 2 days earlier and that would have reduced the disablement to my body.
I had a brain scan on Monday morning which showed a clot which had caused the stroke.
Later that day the Doctor introduced me to two Chinese Doctors (man and wife). They offered a course of intravenous Dan Shen, acupuncture and physiotherapy. I accepted the Dan Shen but cringed at the idea of acupuncture. I was also given pills to reduce blood pressure.

I went home with the Dan Shen intravenous injections for the following days which were given by a nurse.
By Tuesday evening I realised that my condition was still deteriorating. By this time my whole right side was affected and nearly useless so I decided to go back to the Chinese clinic and accept acupuncture and physiotherapy. I attended the clinic daily for the next 12 days.
I noticed that the deterioration in my condition stopped about 4 days after the first Dan Shen injection. I now think that enough of the clot had been dissolved so that a small blood flow was passing the clot which stopped further brain cells from dying. This is why the deterioration stopped
In a later brain scan the area where the clot had been showed a tiny dot which was scar tissue.
The Doctor explained that the dead brain cells can be replaced by some of the spare brain cells which we all have. This takes a few days for the new cells to take over the work and connect into the nervous system to pass the message to the appropriate muscles. Therefore the patient must keep the muscles flexible and ready to receive the messages. I thought how can I exercise when I cannot move some muscles.
I decided to help move muscles. I would use an abtronic exerciser which works by putting small electric impulses through the muscles to make them contract and expand. I used this abtronic exerciser twice per day for the next 3 months. It worked because some muscles started working without help, but from new messages from my brain.
My wife and I have both had 2 further courses of Dan Shen.
It is now 13 years since my stroke and I am fit for my age. I cannot run but I can walk where I want to. I am 80 years old and I walk 18 holes of golf twice most weeks .


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