Imbalance of Yin and Yang - Relative excess of yin or yang

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it includes the excess of yin and the excess of yang.

* The excess of yang 

1, It is mostly due to warm or hot pathogens as well as the transformation from infected yin pathogen to yang and heat, or the internal damage caused by the fire syndromes caused by the over action of five emotions or the stagnated Qi ,blood stasis ,indigestion and some others.

2, These cause the excess of yang within the body, the organism is in a hyperfunctional condition . The pathogen and clinical manifestation :

(1) Excessive heat syndrome ,foe example ,high fever ,red eyes and complexion ,restlessness ,flooding or rapid pulse. 

(2) Since the excess of  yang can lead to disorder of yin, it can be seen the syndromes of excessive heat with yin deficiency; for example ,thirsty ,dysuria , constipation and so on .

* The excess of yin

1, It is mainly due to the infected cold dampness and other yin pathogens or over-eating something raw or cold. These make yin excessive ,the function of the organism decline and the pathological products accumulate in the course of a disease. 

2, The pathogen and clinical manifestation :

(1) Excessive yin syndromes,For example,chilly appearance and cold limbs,pale tongue with white fur ,deep slow pulse.

(2) Excessive cold with yang deficiency .Yang deficiency causes the body to fail to be warmed, the fluid metabolism fails to be gasifiable and the blood vessels become stagnated. For example, phlegm and dampness staying in the interior ,water swelling,clear urine not scanty in amount ,vomiting caused by cold womb and cold or pain of the body is called the excess of yin can lead to the disorder of yang.

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