A Portugal customer 's feedback about the root of red-rooted salvia (The second part)

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On the internet I read that Dan Shen helped for patients with heart attack or strokes, but no information on what Dan Shen does for the arteries and veins. I think they have missed the very important effect that Dan Shen cleans the whole blood system.
A scan was done on me to check my veins and arteries in September 2004. After the scan the Specialist said, “you have veins and arteries as clean as a child” I said “thanks to the Chinese medicine”. The Doctor disagreed with me. He did not believe that Dan Shen was responsible for the clean blood system. My wife is a witness to this. I had smoked for 30 years so what cleaned my blood system? The Dan Shen had done exactly what the Doctor had told me it would do.

My observation: Dan Shen should be administered intravenously as soon as possible after a patient has suffered a stroke caused by an embolism. I MEAN WITHIN HOURS NOT DAYS. DETERIORATION CONTIUES UNTIL YOU STOP THE CAUSE.
I understand that many strokes are different. I therefore suggest that Dan Shen be tested by Qualified Doctors by scanning the blood vessels of volunteer elderly patients before and 3 weeks after an intravenous course of Dan shen. Does it do a spring clean or not?
If Dan Shen does what I say it does, It can be very usefull in treating other blood clot problems.
My course was 6x2cc ampules of Dan Shen in 300cc saline solution intravenous daily for 15 days.
I think that Dan Shen would work very well in combination with many Western medical treatments.
Acupuncture is also very good treatment to help stroke patients to recover as it wakes up the nerves which have gone to sleep. When spare cells in the brain take over the work of the dead cells and send messages to the muscles the nerves will then be ready to pass the messages.

Terry Jones did not mention it in the text - he told me that just after the acupuncture treatment started he could slowly move his fingers and then open his hand. After that he could move more muscles.

I take note of what you said about "Fu fang dan shen pian". I shall just take the "dan shen tea".

I gave three boxes of the dan shen to a friend who some years ago had a stroke. She has a high blood platelet count.
The doctors here could not believe how she survived the stroke.
We are interested to see if the "dan shen" tablets have a beneficial effect on her blood.

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